2019 Pharma Choice Animal Health Gold Winner LevLane Advertising and Penn Vet New Bolton Center

LevLane Advertising

Penn Vet New Bolton Center

Exceptional Care

In touring the New Bolton Center, we expected to be impressed by their clinicians—and we were. We expected to see dazzling diagnostic technology—and we did.

But the most impressive finding behind all of this animal science was something very human—a personal passion for horses.

That’s what we sought to express with this campaign.

The LevLane and Penn Veterinary team, feeling their oats.

Agency Team:

David Lane, President/CEO
Josh Lev, VP Account Director
Tony Sweeney, SVP Media Director
Jaimie Vennell, Media Supervisor
Greg Leon, Programmatic Media Manager
Claire Altomari, Art Director
Nat Gutwirth, Copywriter
Julia Ramsey, Account Manager


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