Well over 6,000 votes were cast this year to determine the 39 winners of our 7th annual Pharma Choice Awards. As always, you—the very people who spend countless days and nights striving to craft the perfect campaign for various healthcare brands—chose these winners. Who better to pick the best healthcare creative from the past year than the people who are tasked with breathing life into healthcare brands? You know which campaigns are truly visionary. Which ones demand our awe. Which ones tick you off because the idea is so good you wish you were responsible for it. And now you know which campaigns your friends and colleagues deem award worthy.

The top three vote getters in each of our 13 distinct categories were selected as Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. Once again we are honoring the best in Professional Campaign, Professional Website, Consumer Website, DTC/DTP, Digital and Print Self-promotion, App, Video, Sales Aid, Multichannel, Print and Digital Unbranded and “Other.” This year the other category included a wide range of campaigns such as pharmacy, social media, corporate logos, patient starter kits, interactive games and more. As you may have seen, we also continue to feature our top overall vote getters, regardless of category, on our cover. The top three this year were AbelsonTaylor’s “Amitiza Commercial,” Artcraft Health’s “The Thrive App” and the Patient Worthy Consumer Website.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners. Here’s hoping that their achievements can provide you with some creative inspiration for 2016.

Professional Campaign

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Concentric Health Experience

Silver Winner: Dudnyk

Bronze Winner: Flashpoint Medica


Gold Winner: Concentric Health Experience


Out of the Woods

Our creative objective depicts Rexulti as the first treatment that makes way for new possibilities in treating MDD and schizophrenia by offering a combination of efficacy and safety to help patients reach treatment goals. As such, Rexulti offers a path forward for patients suffering from these debilitating and oftentimes difficult to treat conditions.

MP, Executive Creative Director: Adam Cohen
VP, Associate Creative Director: Joe Sacaridiz
VP, Associate Creative Director: Jesse Damm
EVP, Director of Strategic Integration: Andrew Bast
EVP, Account Director: Jose Rivera
VP, Account Director: Julie Preston

Client: Otsuka/Lundbeck


Silver Winner: Dudnyk


Captivate by NUPRO

Our goal was to highlight the enduring whitening power of Dentsply’s Captivate, while differentiating it from the all-too-common “smiling patients with white teeth” approach. The simplicity of the yellow daisy morphing to white, together with the message, stands out from the ordinary and clearly conveys the promise of lasting results.

EVP, Creative Director: Laurie Bartolomeo
Group Art Supervisor: Mike Hawkins
Art Director: Amanda Eutsey
EVP, Creative Director: John Kemble

Client: Dentsply


Bronze Winner: Flashpoint Medica


JAKAVI Branded Campaign

The launch campaign for JAKAVI in polycythemia vera (PV) shows a patient cropped tight in the foreground facing the viewer, establishing an immediate engagement with the patient and his needs. The multiple shards that the patient brushes aside as he breaks free from the statue reflect the comprehensive relief JAKAVI provides and its potential to put the patient back in control.

Associate Creative Director: Donna Filanovsky
Associate Creative Director: Steve Bateman
Creative Director: Kerry Baker
Group Account Supervisor: Aimee Nalepa

Client: Novartis

Professional Website

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: MediMedia Managed Markets, an ICON plc company

Silver Winner: AbelsonTaylor

Bronze Winner: Intouch Solutions


Gold Winner: MediMedia Managed Markets, an ICON plc company



ASSURE Pathways was created to enable automated pull-through with its 3-in-1 look-up tools to support various healthcare and transition-of-care professionals, patients, and caregivers. It allows users to identify appropriate physicians for treatment, find pharmacies for medication availability and alternate treatment sites, and also to verify the patient’s health insurance coverage.

Digital Manager: Marissa DiCindio
Sr. Program Manager: Christine Aughenbaugh
Web Developer: Travis Tingey
Director, Research: Jack Timko
Sr. Vice President, Creative: Jodie McVan
Sr. Account Supervisor: Stephen Crane
Sr. Account Supervisor: Linda Holl
Database Manager: George Tenney
Research Analyst: Mark Spickler
Director of Editorial: Laurie Telsey
Editor: Cindy Oberle
Sr. Vice President, Account Management: Sean Wagner

Client: Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. (OAPI)

Senior Product Manager, Payer Marketing: William Ten Hagen


Silver Winner: AbelsonTaylor



The “Faster Healing with REGRANEX” Campaign was brought to life through a communication strategy to “find and follow” those wounds for which REGRANEX Gel is indicated.

Creative Director: Rick Conrad
Associate Creative Director: Jonathan Davilla
Associate Creative Director: Julie Garramone
Art Director: Julyna Moore
Copywriter: Kathy Kubacki

Client: Smith & Nephew


Bronze Winner: Intouch Solutions


HYQVIAhcp.com – Professional Launch Website

Baxalta and Intouch Solutions developed an extensive resource hub for their newest subcutaneous immunoglobulin for the treatment of primary immune deficiency. User-friendly features include a content filtering tool, streamlined page design, and related link callouts allowing HCPs to quickly find relevant HYQVIA information.

Group Account Director: Cammie Hunter
Account Supervisor: Maryann Barefoot
Group Creative Director: Lawrence Lee
Art Director: Ham Pashazadeh
Senior Copywriter: Eric Tanyavutti
Information Architect: Seven Harkey
Senior Project Manager: Jon Smith
Front End Developer: Aaron Guetzlaff
Senior Business Systems Analyst: Tolga Cetinguc
Search (SEO) Analyst: Braydon Medlin

Client: Baxalta

Consumer Website

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: MyPatientStory.com, LLC

Silver Winner: MRM//McCann

Bronze Winner: AbelsonTaylor


Gold Winner: MyPatientStory.com, LLC


Rare Patient News. Well Done™

Patient Worthy™ believes rare disease patients are people, not a diagnosis. The rare and orphan disease news platform caters to the rare disease community with edgy, raw and humorous content as well as with medical breaking news. It aims to become the online standard for finding, curating, sharing and publishing Rare Patient News. Well Done™.

Director of Advocacy Relations: Kathryn Devanny
Managing Director of Programs: Jenna Antos

Client: Patient Worthy™

Silver Winner: MRM//McCann



Our challenge was making information for a complex disease easy for patients to access and understand. We integrated a brand-new campaign and used it as an opportunity to tell a linear, relatable story that starts before diagnosis. The final site features improved navigation, easily accessible resources and savings opportunities.

Management Supervisor: Janna Childs
Operations Lead: Steven Del Mar
Director of Technology: Pat Donohue
Interactive Designer: Brittani Dunning
Account Executive: Austin Gullo
VP Account Director: Janel Harris
Project Manager: Scott Hathaway
Sr. Front End Developer: Matt Kraft
Medical Editor: Ann Kugel
Creative Director: Matt Livingstone
Search Manager: Daniel Male
SVP, Director of Client Services: Kate Miller
VP Director of Strategy: Alfred O’Neill
Sr. Art Director: Mark Rescigno
Sr. Front End Developer: Rob Rudderow
Search Strategist: Naomi Stark
Jr. Front End Developer: Victor Tafro
Sr. Copywriter: Alisa Wiggins

Client: Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Bronze Winner: AbelsonTaylor


UltraShape Website

When developing the UltraShape campaign, our challenge was not only to create awareness of UltraShape as the best way to eliminate stubborn fat, but also to create credibility in a category that’s fraught with false hopes, gimmicks and extremes.

Creative Director: Andy McAfee
Associate Creative Director: Caren Spigland
Associate Creative Director: Kevin Kustra
Senior Art Director: Maie Atabani
UX Designer: Sam Baker

Client: Syneron


To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Y&R New York

Silver Winner: JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Bronze Winner: McCann Health Johannesburg


Gold Winner: Y&R New York



Prevnar 13, a vaccine for pneumococcal pneumonia, needed to create a brand that mattered in a brand-less category to consumers who didn’t think they were at risk for pneumococcal pneumonia. Instead of telling adults they were wrong for not vaccinating, we leaned into preventative steps they were already taking and told them to get this ONE vaccine done.

SVP, Group Account Director: Michael Goldin
EVP, Creative Director: Richard Butt
Associate Creative Director: Greg Elkin
Associate Creative Director: Kevin Odonoghue
Strategic Director: Adrienne Martin

Client: Pfizer

U.S. Team Lead, Vaccines: Jeffrey Cohen
Director, Vaccines: Julia Deves


Silver Winner: JUICE Pharma Worldwide


Moment of Truth Print Ad

The “Moment of Truth” campaign pinpoints that crucial moment when a person with multiple sclerosis can no longer ignore the impact of MS-related walking difficulties. Infusing urgency into this epiphany, testimonial-style headlines dramatize the moment they realize they can do something about their walking by asking for AMPYRA.

VP, Group Account Director: Karin Locovare
Account Supervisor: Natalie Sayegh
SVP, Group Creative Director: Justin Rubin
SVP, Group Creative Director: Annie Foster
Group Copy Supervisor: Emily White Paul
VP, Group Art Supervisor: Sue McGhee
Art Director: Anthony Reda

Client: Acorda Therapeutics


Bronze Winner: McCann Health Johannesburg


World Heart Day

Heart disease is endemic in South Africa. AstraZeneca wanted to reaffirm their commitment to treatment in Africa, so we developed a campaign that emotively engaged with the general public. We decided to “own” World Heart Day in South Africa—September 29. We created a conversation with the general public by talking from the heart.

Executive Creative Director: Fraser Lamb
Regional Creative Director: Jacqui Mendelssohn
Writer: Jeremy Veitch
Business Unit Director: Kirstey Moore

Client: AstraZeneca

Digital Self-promotion

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Skipta

Silver Winner: Avant Healthcare

Bronze Winner: Guidemark Health


Gold Winner: Skipta


Skipta Brand Evolution

Skipta sought to evolve its visual brand identity to convey the networking and medical nature of the brand and its principles. The task was to create a visual identity that was modern, crisp and reflected innovation and connectivity. The outcome successfully captured the intended core elements and reinforces Skipta’s essence.

CEO: Dr. Theodore Search, PharmD
President: John Ciccio
Vice President, Marketing: Elizabeth Ciccio

Silver Winner: Avant Healthcare


“Medical + Creative” Avant Healthcare Website

Avant Healthcare developed their new website through the efforts of multiple internal creative teams, including designers, copywriters and UI/UX designers. Each team pitched different concepts which were reviewed and ultimately adapted to develop the final site.

Executive Director: Jeff Sears
Brand Steward: Andrea Jacobsen
Art Director: Ethan Goldberg
Graphic Designer: Kelly Mitchell
Copywriter: Matthew Roland
Group Creative Director: Chris Ryan
Creative Director: Kurtis Rush
Creative Director: Susan Bertocci
UI/UX Programmer: Andy Keller
UI/UX Programmer: Serena Randolph


Bronze Winner: Guidemark Health


Infinitely In

Guidemark Health has created a new breed of agency, with subject matter experts across all disciplines, including behavioral sciences. This enables us to uncover the underlying behaviors that govern how our customers think and feel. In so doing, we’re able to engage and connect on a whole new level. Is it any wonder our clients are infinitely in?

CEO: Matt Brown
Chief Creative Officer: Tina Fascetti
Chief Behaviorist & Engagement Officer: Fred Petito
Brand Design Director: Gayle MacDonell

Print Self-promotion

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Sentrix Health Communications

Silver Winner: PALIO

Bronze Winner: Flashpoint Medica


Gold Winner: Sentrix Health Communications


“Call for Good Creative”

In many ways, Sentrix defies the traditional norms of healthcare agencies. From our unique structure and diverse offerings to inclusive culture and overall agility, Sentrix is “Anything but Typical.” To capture the essence of the agency, we created an ad that’s equally provocative and like Sentrix, demands attention.

VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy: David Traini
VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: Joe Tremblay
SVP, Group Creative Director: Chris Watson
EVP, Managing Director: June Carnegie


Silver Winner: PALIO


Beautifully Disruptive

We have all gathered here at PALIO to defy the expectations of what healthcare advertising looks like and how it acts. Ours is an industry that claims to be expert at safety and efficacy, and yet, regrettably, most of our competitors have mistaken safe for effective. We know better.

VP, Associate Creative Director: Kyle Wormser
VP, User Experience: Joe Arcuri
Executive Creative Director: Michael Austin
Executive Creative Director: Lou Massaia
Associate Creative Director: Joe Tocci
Operations Manager: Heather Stone


Bronze Winner: Flashpoint Medica


Flashpoint Medica Self-promotion Ad

Flashpoint Medica’s self-promotion campaign returns to the original impulse that sparked our name. A flashpoint is the temperature of ignition, and for us it’s the critical point that incites a change in behavior or belief. Here, the brilliance of a match flame brings transformation and new life to brands.

Associate Creative Director: Donna Filanovsky
Associate Creative Director: Michael Ward
Creative Director: Steve Witt
Digital Strategy Supervisor: Jason Buchel


To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Artcraft Health

Silver Winner: Harrison and Star

Bronze Winner: Sudler/ChemistryWPP/Rockfish


Gold Winner: Artcraft Health


The Thrive App

The Thrive App empowers teens and young adults to stay healthy by providing parents resources and conversation starters to assist their teens’ transition to adulthood. The creative process focused on engaging colors, fonts and design elements that convey energy, innovation and organization. Prioritizing the user experience, the Thrive parent app includes checklists, interactive education, relevant health topics and the ability to personalize their teens’ profiles.

Executive Vice President & General Manager: Marc Sirockman
Vice President Strategic Accounts: Katie O’Neill
Associate Creative Director: Daria Kissenberth
Director of Content: Lynn Altmaier
Editor: Brett Kaplan
Creative Director: Rich Miller
Director of Technology: Josh Gilper

Client: Brought to by SAHM, sponsored by Pfizer and Unity Consortium


Silver Winner: Harrison and Star


The Topographical Model of Multiple Sclerosis

Harrison and Star partnered pro bono with neurologist Stephen Krieger, MD to develop a new model of MS disease course. Krieger’s novel hypothesis maps disability accumulation to patients’ underlying disease topography. Together, we created a customizable app using gaming technology to dynamically simulate MS disease activity and progression.

President: Mardene Miller
EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Mark Friedman
SVP, Associate Creative Director | Neurology Group: Karin Cook
VP Associate Creative Director/UX Designer: Scott De Nino
Director of Imaging: David Brungard
Director of Development: Carol Eng
VP, Medical Director: Madhuri Fletcher, PhD
Senior Interactive Developer: Erik Gorka
Director of Digital Development: Joseph Gonzalez
Copywriter/Documentary Filmmaker: Chris Graves
Editor: Charles Heermann
SVP, Management Supervisor: Kathleen Murphy
VP, Associate Creative Director/Director of UX: John Panagis
Project Manager: Daren Tillinger
Medical Illustrator: Jessica Weisman
SVP, Director of Agency Excellence: Bill Major

Client: Stephen C. Krieger, MD—Corinne Goldsmith Dickinson Center for MS, Mount Sinai


Bronze Winner: Sudler/ChemistryWPP/Rockfish


Procrit Health View App

Health View was designed to help patients with anemia track vital health parameters and share them with their healthcare providers. Developed to work with Apple Health and to sync with the Apple Watch and other wearables, Health View empowers patients and helps those at risk, be less at risk.

Co-CEO, Chief Creative Officer: Rob Rogers
EVP, Global Director of Creative Technology: Chris Duffey
EVP, Director of Creative Strategy: Diane Ohye
SVP, Creative Director: George Lewis
VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy: Lauren Anton
VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: Eric Hannula
Group Art Supervisor: Jeenal Shah
Senior Art Director: Connor Delaney
EVP, Chief Digital Officer: David Cherry
EVP, Chief Digital Officer: Bill Evans
SVP, Digital Strategist: Mark Davis
SVP, Director of User Experience: Thomas Barnes
VP, Associate Director of User Experience: Matthew Fitzpatrick
User Experience: Bill Audeh
User Experience Designer: Karla Calderon
VP Account Group Supervisor: Cynthia Gominho
Account Group Supervisor: Lauren Rubin
Senior Account Executive: Katie Mays
Account Executive: Travis McShane
Project Coordinator: Lindsay Doscher
Business Innovations: Shannon Smith Lewandowski
Program Manager: Emma Marsh

Apple Enterprise Account Manager: Jason Fiske
Apple Enterprise Technology Strategy: Christos Dorsos

Client: Janssen

Group Product Director: Jacob Bryant
Product Director: Troy Schurr
Senior Digital Engagement: Sergiy Skoryk


To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: AbelsonTaylor

Silver Winner: GA Communication Group

Bronze Winner: GSW


Gold Winner: AbelsonTaylor


Amitiza Commercial

The Amitiza commercial uses balloon imagery to depict one woman’s journey from pain and frustration to discovery and relief. Through a combination of live action and CG, our hero seamlessly creates one balloon image after another, each representing a different part of her story.

VP, Director of Experience Design: Tristen George
VP, Creative Group Director: Scott Hansen
Creative Director: Rick Conrad
Associate Creative Director: Larry Koplow
Associate Creative Director Art, Digital: Leo Kosir
Sr. Digital Copywriter: Nina Boryszczuk
Art Director: Nick Perles
Sr. Designer/Art Director: Sarah Alexander
Senior Director of Broadcast, Print Production: Mitch Apley

Client: Takeda Pharmaceuticals


Silver Winner: GA Communication Group


GELShield™ Testimonial Video

To help Invictus Medical launch the GELShield Extracranial Pressure Relief Device, GA produced a testimonial video filmed at Texas Children’s Hospital. The film powerfully combines footage of the device used in the NICU with interviews with two clinicians discussing how GELShield protects the delicate heads of hospitalized infants.

Senior Creative Director, Copy: Patrick Tucker
Creative Director: Borisz Bacsovics
Senior Copywriter: Doug Yamate
Producer: Megan Glanzman
CEO: Joe Kuchta
Production Partner: Teletech/October.tv
Director (video): Chris DeWinter

Client: Invictus Medical, Inc.

Product Manager: Tom Roberts


Bronze Winner: GSW


Stop the Crazy Talk

MHAFC is a nonprofit, community-based mental health organization. Rather than create a TV spot that simply lists all the things they do, we decided to publicize one of the most critical factors that prevents people from seeking help—the stigma of mental illness. The spot illustrates the way so many people describe those with mental health issues and how this ostracizes those seeking help.

Executive Creative Director: Dean Tepper
Associate Creative Director: Bryan Murphy
Senior Copywriter: Terry Fletcher
Producer: Julie ThomasProducer: Jill Evans

Client: Franklin County Mental Health Association

Sales Aid

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: The Bloc

Silver Winner: Natrel

Bronze Winner: RevHealth, LLC


Gold Winner: The Bloc


Bexsero “Something’s Missing”

The creative for this campaign was grounded in the functional differentiator for the brand. To make the differentiator matter, we connected it to emotion in order to drive action. A startling visual approach drove home the impact of meningitis, and the importance of making sure all serotypes are protected against.

VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy: Steve Walsh
VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: JC Padilla
Group Account Director: Terry McShane
SVP, Group Account Director: Julie Yoon
VP, Director, Strategic Planning: Margaret Haskell
VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy: Michael Leibowitz
SVP, Creative Director, Copy: Robin Tzannes
Copy Supervisor: Marisa Ruglio
Senior Medical Editor: Zhanna Agran
SVP, Creative Director, Art: Jon Pannier
Art Director: Ashley Bothwell
Senior Multichannel Project Manager: Sheila Blemard
Freelance Art and Video Producer: Robin Daily
Photography: Martin Schoeller Photographer

Client: Novartis Vaccines


Silver Winner: Natrel


Nascobal® Nutrition Direct™

The “bundle of strings” campaign establishes Nascobal® Nutrition Direct™ (Nascobal® B12 nasal spray plus additional supplements) as the practical way to achieve “Integrated Nutritional Support” after bariatric surgery. Through a colorful, complexity-made-simple graphic, readers learn that Nascobal® Nutrition Direct™ provides all the supplements they need in one home-delivered package.

VP, Account Group Supervisor: Olivia Ganguzza
Project Manager: Kim Dowd
Art Supervisor: Mariann Bisaccia
SVP, Creative Director: Dave Scott
SVP, Creative Director: Susan Roher
Account Supervisor: Trudy Chiavelli

Client: Par Pharmaceutical


Bronze Winner: RevHealth, LLC


XOLAIR “RAM – Take A Stand” AA Visual Aid

For patients with allergic asthma, triggers (e.g., pet dander, cockroach matter, and dust mites) are a powerful force, often leading to exacerbations that are extremely disruptive to patients’ lives. This campaign emphasizes the need to identify patients with the allergic asthma subtype and proactively treat them with XOLAIR to help prevent future exacerbations.

SVP Creative Director, Art: Helen Boak
SVP Associate Creative Director, Copy: Gregg Friedmann
VP Associate Creative Director, Art: Jim Lothrop
Group Copy Supervisor: Tracy Bender
Copywriter: Frances Louis
Art Director: Rebecca Nilan
Account Supervisor: Andrew Meawad
Senior Account Manager: Kyrill Petrosyan
Account Coordinator: Megan Zuccarini
Production Supervisor: Jackie Hesler

Client: Genentech/Novartis


To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Publicis Life Brands Medicus

Silver Winner: MicroMass Communications

Bronze Winner: PALIO


Gold Winner: Publicis Life Brands Medicus


AHA – Who Runs NYC?

The AHA needed a strong, cohesive campaign for the Wall Street Run & Heart Walk motivating people to raise money beyond entry fees. When everything in NYC, from catching cabs to crossing streets, is a race to stay on top, this campaign channels this competitive spirit for a good cause.

Art Supervisor: Ryan Brown
Art Supervisor: Emily Scollon
Copy Supervisor: Elizabeth Heisler
Account Director: Erin Bijas
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Brian Lefkowitz
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Ellen Gorczyca 

Client: American Heart Association


Silver Winner: MicroMass Communications


Nexafed Consumer Multichannel Campaign

MicroMass created Ben, an approachable, geeky kind-of-guy who has a big heart and a smart head on his shoulders to be our storyteller and inventor. Through concern, revelation and inspiration, Ben shows how Nexafed is something everyone can feel good about—a decongestant that battles congestion and meth abuse, too.

Senior Account Executive: Will Stewart
Project Manager: Brittany Hines
Group Associate Creative Director: Bonnie Overton
Associate Creative Director: Chris Libey
Marketing Strategist: Kristine Ryneska

Client: Acura Pharmaceuticals


Bronze Winner: PALIO


Panther Fusion

PALIO developed this introductory video for Hologic to excite customers about the upcoming launch of the new Panther Fusion™ system. And through a time-lapse sequence, we help customers visualize how this simple in-lab expansion, which can be installed in one day, offers exponential growth in flexibility, capability and potential.

Art Director Innovation: Raul Garcia
Group Copy Supervisor: Kelly Sharp
Creative Director: Laura Presicci
Director of Agency Operations: Jillian Welker
Executive Creative Director: Michael Austin
Executive Creative Director: Lou Massaia
VP, Account Director: Nori Kaiser
Account Director: Brooke Thompson
Managing Director: Andrea Kretzmann

Client: Hologic


To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner (Social Media): Brightworks

Silver Winner (Interactive): Klick Health

Bronze Winner (Pharmacy Campaign): Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks


Gold Winner (Social Media): Brightworks


Diabetes Innovations Facebook Community

At more than 500,000 people strong, “Diabetes Innovations” faced the challenge of increasing engagement and ultimately providing information and support through dialogue. Working closely with a forward-thinking client, Brightworks helped change the rules of the game for social within BD by focusing on key pillars—relevant content, richer discussions and ultimately more engagement.

President: Neil Follett
Account Manager: Katrina Matuch
Social Media Analyst: Holly Leggitt

Client: Becton Dickinson

Director of Marketing and Clinical Education, BD Canada: Jen Spearen
Senior Brand Manager, BD U.S.: Brendan Philp


Silver Winner (Interactive): Klick Health


STEPS Forward

While most physicians go into medicine to spend their days caring for patients, their days are far too often filled with countless frustrations and bureaucratic hurdles. To help address these challenges, the American Medical Association (AMA) introduced STEPS Forward. Built as a series of educational modules, each addressing a specific challenge, the site offers tools, downloadable resources and live event listings.

Group Account Director: Ainsley Sommer
Lead Strategist: Mark Makuch
Creative Director: Elliott Smith
Art Director, Design Lead: Heeyol Lee
Art Director: Erin Milnes
User Experience Director: Michael Melnick
Sr. Project Manager: Khavita Harrycharran
Technology Director: James Ballaban
Production Lead: Barak Gall
Development Lead: Julian Wills
Analytics Lead: Peter Cheung

Client: American Medical Association
GVP Professional Satisfaction & Practice Sustainability: Michael Tutty, PhD
Vice President, Professional Satisfaction: Dr. Christine Sinsky
Director, Physician Practice Resources: Sam Reynolds
Practice Development Advisor: Ellie Rajcevich
Account Director, Alignment Strategies: Laura Jacobs
Chief Health and Science Officer: Dr. Modena Wilson


Bronze Winner (Pharmacy Campaign): Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks


Levemir “Solutions at the Shelf” Program

The creative was tailored to the audience in the pharmacy channel, where people are seeking solutions and looking for educational resources. Stopping power was a key consideration, focusing on a prominent call to action, logo and bold “Taking Insulin?” headline. The graphic elements also reinforced the positioning of other Levemir brand elements.

Design Director, Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks: Julie Hogrefe
Cult Health: Amanda Klamik
Client: Novo Nordisk

Manager, Patient Marketing: Allison Harper
Associate Brand Director: Cliff Barone
Director, Trade Operations: Mike LaMotta


Unbranded Print

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Dudnyk

Silver Winner: Giant Creative Strategy

Bronze Winner: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness


Gold Winner: Dudnyk


See the Signs of VOD

Following stem cell transplants, patients are at risk for many complications, and veno-occlusive disease, or VOD, is one that can be overlooked. The “lava liver” campaign was created on behalf of Jazz Pharmaceuticals to educate physicians on the signs of VOD and create a sense of urgency surrounding its diagnosis.

EVP, Creative Director: John Kemble
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Michele Mayne
Associate Creative Director, Art: Andrew Runion
Group Copy Supervisor: Dan Gleason
EVP, Creative Director: Laurie Bartolomeo
Senior Art Director: Katie Rosseau

Client: Jazz Pharmaceuticals


Silver Winner: Giant Creative Strategy


The Role of PARP Trapping in BRCA+ Mutated Cancer

For cancers with BRCA+ mutations, not all PARP inhibitors are the same. Some have the ability to “trap” PARP on damaged DNA—inhibiting repair and tumor cell replication. Giant conceptualized a compelling cast of characters, including sticky fly trap DNA and PARP wasps who get trapped on the DNA strand and are unable to continue their deleterious work.

SVP, Creative Director, Art: Kevin Stokes
VP, Group Creative Director: Joshua McCasland
SVP, Medical Director: Adena Svingos
Group Copy Supervisor: Corinne Coates
SVP, Managing Group Director: Paul Hagopian
Management Supervisor: Angela Nicolella-Jay
Illustration: Little Fluffy Clouds

Client: BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.


Bronze Winner: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness


Lifting the Burden

The Heavy Burden of Chronic Migraine: Women who suffer from Chronic Migraine carry around intense pain with them.

Our Challenge: Give Them Strength to Fight Back: With this provocative visual approach, we wanted to enliven their fighting spirit with the discovery of new ways to treat their condition.

Chief Creative Officer: Kathy Delaney
Creative Director: Carol Fiorino
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Scott Carlton
Associate Creative Director, Art: Carolyn Gargano
Director of Art Buying: Ali Cohen
Account Director: Rob Galimidi
Account Supervisor: Angela Dawson
Senior Strategic Planner: Marcia Gold
Print Production: Doug Gardner
Photographer: Erik Almas, Photography and Motion

Client: Allergan Unbranded Chronic Migraine

Director of Marketing, Consumer: Talea Khalil

Unbranded Digital

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Intouch Solutions with Rx Mosaic

Silver Winner: CDMiConnect

Bronze Winner: Harrison and Star


Gold Winner: Intouch Solutions with Rx Mosaic


“You Don’t Know Jack About MS®” Website

You Don’t Know Jack About MS® is a partnership between Jack Osbourne and Teva Neuroscience providing insights and resources for those who are newly diagnosed or living with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. The partnership aims to educate about MS and provide inspiration through webisodes, blog entries and patient resources.

Account Director: Emily Armin
Account Manager: Courtney Brown
VP, Executive Creative Director: Elizabeth Rooney
Associate Creative Director: Kit Hunnell
Associate Creative Director: Anthony Tackett
Senior Front End Developer: David Skillman


Senior VP: Kathryn Ritzinger
Senior Account Supervisor: Alison Rogove
Account Supervisor: Courtney Devanna

Client: Teva Neuroscience


Silver Winner: CDMiConnect


Gout is Serious Disease Education Website

Gout affects more than eight million U.S. adults, but people don’t talk much about gout. We developed a disease education website to shift misconceptions and raise expectations about living with gout. Using a simple navigation with a bold, graphic design approach, we dispel the most common gout myths and provide critical information.

SVP, Account Planner: Melissa Schwartz
VP, Account Director: Jeannine Scalcione
Account Supervisor: Rodes Cleland
Account Executive: Nicole DeFranco
SVP, Group Creative Director, Copy: Matthew Sherwood
Copy Supervisor: Lisa Lockhart
SVP, Group Creative Director, Art: Michele Monteforte
VP, Art Supervisor: Susan Falco
Art Director: Kyle Ashby
Editorial Supervisor: Martin Kearton
Senior Project Manager: Jaclyn Van Deuren
Associate Project Manager: Alexandra Popovski
Digital Strategist: Bob Munier

Client: AstraZeneca


Bronze Winner: Harrison and Star


Serotonin Factory

HCPs are unaware that serotonin production within certain tumor cells drives the debilitating symptoms of carcinoid syndrome. Harrison and Star developed this provocative animation to illustrate the toxic effects of intracellular serotonin overproduction on the tumor microenvironment. Dramatic sound effects, high-contrast illustration, and crisp text effectively demonize tumor-derived serotonin to establish the need for a new treatment approach for carcinoid syndrome.

SVP, Group Creative Director: Michael Norkin
SVP, Creative Director: Caroline Burton
VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: Renee Rotkopf
VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy: Sara Baker
Director of Imaging: David Brungard
Art Supervisor: Amanda Nitti
Senior Film Producer: Rob Gorrell
Digital Motion Producer: Edward Honzik
Associate Video Producer: Ali Fink

Client: Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research announced its ISPOR Real-World Evidence Summit 2023 scheduled ...