2013 Editorial Calendar

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JANUARY / Pharma Choice Awards Issue

  • Pharma Choice Awards: Showcase of the industry’s picks of the year’s best print and digital creative.
  • Think Tank: Innovation in Mobile Outreach to HCPs and Consumers
  • Focusing on Patient Centricity


  • The Implications on Pharma of An Aging Population
  • Integrating Legislative Strategy into Brand Strategy
  • Driving Outcomes with “Five-P” Alliances: Pharma, Provider, Pharmacy, Payer, and Patient

MARCH / Ad Test Issue

  • Trailblazer Brand Champion Roundtable: “Putting Patients First”
  • Is There a Newer, Better Contract Sales Organization Model?
  • Specialty Pharma: Meeting the Unique Challenges

Special Supplement: PM360 Digital Compendium—

  • Best Practices in Digital Marketing plus Directory of Digital Companies


  •  The New Wave of Product Positioning
  • The Changing DTC Marketplace: Leading the Way into the Future
  • Think Tank: Innovative Branding Strategies


  • Working Effectively with KOLs
  • Developing Impactful Social Media Campaigns
  • Navigating Black Box Warnings in Your Campaign


  • Developing a Killer Marketing Plan
  • Driving Market Share with Mandated REMS and
  • Sunshine Act Activities
  • Positioning Big-Ticket Drugs

Special Supplement: The Greatest Creators

  • A Portfolio of Top Agencies’ Best Work (with Agency Directory.)


  • Power Shift—Who and What Is Driving Product Use Today?
  • Licensing Strategies as Expiration Approaches
  • Think Tank: Optimizing the Client-Agency Relationship


  • Enhancing the Sales Force’s Role in Integrated Marketing
  • Evolving Promotional Models for the Savvy Customer
  • Importance of Customer Segmentation by Channel Preference
  • Special Supplement: 2013 Product Managers’ Survey

SEPTEMBER / Ad Test Issue

  • Successful Strategies for the Rx to OTC Switch
  • Meet the New Primary Care Physician
  • Think Tank: Enhancing Customer Experience and Satisfaction


  • E-Details and E-Sampling—Working Together
  • Using Augmented Reality as an Effective Training Strategy
  • Pharma 360 Forum: Best Practices in Launching
  • New Products and Indications

Special Supplement: 2013 PM360 Trailblazer

  • Awards—Winner Announcements and Profiles


  •  New Methods of Adherence for Improved Outcomes
  • Strategies for Increasing Physician Access and Engagement
  • New Opportunities in Emerging Markets


  • Transitioning Your Career Into a Specialty World
  • Change Management and Leadership
  • Think Tank: What Pharma Can Learn from Other
  • Regulated Industries

Special Supplement (NEW): 2013 Innovations in Pharma Marketing

  • New Companies, Products, Services, Divisions, and People Driving Change.
  • Also: Directory of Innovative Companies