The votes are in! Once again we asked you to pick the year’s most effective and memorable ads—and you did not disappoint. More than 5,000 online votes—a new record—were cast to select our 30 winners, which are showcased on the following pages. Just like last year we have 10 distinct categories (Print Professional, Consumer and Professional Websites, Unbranded, Sales Aid, App, Print and Digital Self-Promotion, Video, and DTC/DTP) with a Gold, Silver afnd Bronze winner in each category.

The 2012 Pharma Choice Awards attracted more than 100 entries total with each category well represented. The campaigns that were able to stand out in this sea of competition should feel an extra sense of pride knowing that they were chosen as the best by their peers (and maybe even their rivals). After all, who is better to judge these campaigns than the very people who dedicate their careers to creating them?

We are proud to honor the very best in healthcare advertising. Congratulations to all of our Pharma Choice winners!

Professional Campaign

Gold Winner


an Access Group Company

EVP, Operations & Creative Services: Janet Conley
VP, Group Account Supervisor: Marissa Sangalang
Creative Director, Art: Jeff Burns
Client: Andrew Technologies


Liposuction Improved

HydraSolve, the new liposuction device using low-energy Tissue Liquefaction Technology, is changing the nature of aesthetic body contouring. Because fat tissue is liquefied, the shearing of fat is no longer required, allowing surgeons to move the cannula in a slow, controlled and methodical manner. The “skier” brand campaign reflects this unique mechanism of action.



Silver Winner


Creative Director, Copy: Laurie Bartolomeo
Creative Director, Art: John Kemble
Account Supervisor: Hilary Usalis
Client: ViroPharma Europe


Laurie Bartolomeo and John Kemble.

Cinryze “Prevent the Swell”

Cinryze is a preventive therapy for hereditary angioedema (HAE), a rare disease causing debilitating swelling attacks. Our unique insight—that patients fear attacks—led to our need for preventive messages. The foreboding imagery of the ground “swell” captured the emotion of HAE and resonated with physician audience


Bronze Winner

Strategic Edge Communications

Chief Commercial Officer: Jeff Meehan
Director of Creative Services: Scott Foster
Creative Director: Pete McCormick
Associate Creative Director: Scott English
Senior Art Director: David Rheinhardt
Studio Manager: JoAnna Crowley
Senior Copywriter: Kathleen Krafton
Copywriter: Tracy Wetstein
Account Manager: Janine S. Koch
Senior Project Manager: Jill Mandura
Senior Project Coordinator: Amanda Lewis
Client: Wockhardt USA, LLC

Front row, left to right: Jill Mandura and Janine S. Koch. Back row, left to right: JoAnna Crowley, Pete McCormick, Scott Foster, Jeff Meehan, Scott English and Kathleen Krafton.

When a Little Cough and Congestion Is a Big Problem…

Visuals of a cough powerful enough to blow the spots off a Dalmatian engage the audience in this detail piece for Bromfed DM. Market share for this product—the only FDA-approved, non-narcotic cough and congestion prescription—increased five points since the campaign’s introduction in August 2012.



Professional Website

Gold Winner

Group DCA

Senior Account Director: Sujay Patel
Account Director: Jenna Ramalho
Copywriter: Kim Jordan
Art Director: Gabriel Gullbergh
Animator: Phil Schadt
Programmer: Nikee Patel
Client: Janssen Biotech, Inc.


The Stelara Interactive Challenge

The Stelara Interactive Challenge illustrates a core principle of Group DCA: The importance of “Active Learning.” Participating HCPs engage in a cross-country tour during which they answer challenging trivia questions about popular American landmarks; borrowed interest from these landmarks helps reinforce key aspects of the brand.



Silver Winner

Klick Health

Agency Team:
Manager, User Experience: Mike Melnick
VP, Creative Services: Glenn Zujew
Senior Designer: Heeyol Lee
Client: Acorda Therapeutics

Client Team:
Director – Corporate Digital Marketing Strategy: Michael Russo
Director – Creative Services: Maria Verastegui
Associate Product Manager: Jaclyn Lombardo
Associate Director – Marketing: Asen Koburov

Prof_web_silver-teamMike Melnick, Glenn Zujew and Heeyol Lee. HCP Site

This site sheds light on the actual impact of walking impairment on MS patients. It’s designed to aid HCPs looking for treatment options, prescription information and support tools by first ensuring that HCPs come to the realization that MS patients are experiencing significant unmet needs in terms of walking difficulties.


Bronze Winner

H4B Chelsea

Managing Director/Chief Creative Officer: Christian Bauman
SVP, Digital: Roy Hsu
VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy: Eric Kraus
Art Supervisor: Selva Alganer
Art Director: Lexi Brill
VP, Group Copy Supervisor: Geetika Prasad
Copywriter: Stephanie Wills

Account Team:
Group Account Supervisor: Miguel Melendez
VP, Account Group Supervisor: Suzanne Newell
Digital Account Executive: Abha Trivedi
Client: Genzyme


MS Atrium, The Gateway to MS Knowledge (

The MS Atrium provides access to valuable disease education that challenges perceptions and expectations in MS, identifies unmet needs, and introduces emerging concepts of practical value for physicians. This site is a differentiated destination for unbiased resources, delivering tools to the MS community to help enhance patient care.






Consumer Website

Gold Winner

Klick Health

Agency Team:
Manager, User Experience: Mike Melnick
VP, Creative Services: Glenn Zujew
Senior Designer: Ariana Zhukova
Account Director: Birgit Cole
Client: Acorda Therapeutics

Client Team:
Director – Corporate Digital Marketing Strategy: Michael Russo
Director, Global and Brand Marketing: Jonathan Kuhn Graphic Designer: Ebby Agu


Glenn Zujew, Mike Melnick and Birgit Cole.

Although a lot of people with MS experience walking related issues, they often do not discuss them with their HCP. This website encourages MS patients to take action by equipping them with the information, tools and confidence to approach their physicians to have meaningful discussions about the walking difficulties they experience.


Silver Winner

Intouch Solutions, Inc.

Agency Team:
Creative Director: Tomek Weber
Art Director: Anthony Tackett
Senior Copywriter: Kevin Wohler
Director of Frontend Development: Jeremy West
Interactive Video Producer: Dusty Fann
Creative Project Manager: Michael Brachtenbach
Account Supervisor: Nikolay Yakovlev
VP, Client Services: Kim Bishop
Client: Sanofi US Diabetes

Client Team:
VP and Head of Devices, US Diabetes: Shawna Gvazdauskas
Director – Devices, US Diabetes: Lynn Crowe
Product Manager – Devices, US Diabetes: Beth Wilson


Intouch Solutions gadget geeks. Back row or standing (left to right): Anthony Tackett and Kim Bishop. Front row or sitting (l to r): Nikolay Yakovlev, Michael Brachtenbach, Tomek Weber and Jeremy West.

iBGStar Consumer Site

Launching a revolutionary device demanded a revolutionary campaign. The iBGStar Blood Glucose Monitoring System consumer website set the tone by engaging people with diabetes who carry their iPhone everywhere they go and want the latest tools for simplifying diabetes management in their daily lives.



Bronze Winner

Snow Companies

Creative Director: Brett Moffitt
Art Director: Jonathan Panelo
Copywriter: Tyler James
Designers: Jonathan Panelo, Tara Sullivan
Photographer: Patrick Keating
Client: WhatNext


consumer-web-bronze-david_wasilewski_snowDavid Wasilewski, Founder and CEO of WhatNext. Firsthand Insights Into Chronic Diseases

Managing chronic diseases is a complicated matter. While you can find a wealth of information online, patients and caregivers need a way to connect with people who have been in exactly the same situation to learn from their relevant experiences. They need a place like WhatNext.



Gold Winner


VP/Creative Director: Jody Van Swearingen
Assistant Creative Director/Copy: Rachel Lomasz
Account Director: Kristin Glunz
Senior Account Executive: Ashley Schwartz
Senior Account Planner: Courtney Miller
Client: Abbott Nutrition


Similac SimplySMART Bottles Ad

The Similac SimplySMART bottle campaign builds on the equity created by the successful Similac formula campaign. The bottle—designed in partnership with moms—has innovative features that help make the feeding experience what they really want it to be: A peaceful time for bonding with their babies.




Silver Winner

Kaplan Thaler Group

Creative Director/Art: Karl Turkel
Creative Director/Copy: Susan Achey
Client: Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.


I Will: Walk On.

The Ampyra “I Will” campaign was designed to connect real patients with other people with MS dealing with walking difficulties. Our goal was to instill in people with MS a sense of empowerment and opportunity to improve their walking. The campaign is being disseminated through a multi-channel media strategy.


Bronze Winner

Digitas Health

Agency Team:
Relationship Lead: James Pietz
Creative Director: Steve DiMeo
Creative Director: Buzz Miller
Art Director: Allison Narofsky
Writer: Brendan Kelly
Marketing Director: Emily Hosage
Vice President, Marketing: Katherine Shaughnessy
Manager, Marketing: Lauren Rozanski
Sr. VP, Group Creative Director: Lance Paull
Vice President, Brand Planning: Cara Levinson
Client: UCB

Client Team:
Associate Product Director: Chemelle Evans


Left to right: Lance Paull, Lauren Rozanski, Buzz Miller, Allison Narofsky, Steve DiMeo, Brendan Kelly, James Pietz, Katherine Shaughnessy.

UCB, “Go Beyond Okay”

UCB wanted to motivate epilepsy patients to never settle for “just okay” when it comes to seizure control. Using real people, the campaign shows the resolve of those who believe that “Okay is a Four-Letter Word.” It inspires patients to be more open with their doctors and “Go Beyond Okay.”



Gold Winner

The Access Group

Account Services: Seth Gordon, Lauren Pizarro, Paulann Buczek, Tricia Kornutik
Government Policy Systems: Richard Stefanacci, DO, Scott Guerin, PhD
Copy: Sandy Buck
Art: Michael Roznowski
Studio: Glenn Gwiazda
Design: Bill Nepton, Jeff Slater
Editorial: Diana Angione
Production: Declan Cunningham
Operations: Jessica Kalbach
Project Management: Richard Imrith
Client: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Back Row (left to right): Richard Stefanacci, DO, Howard Wolfson, Seth Gordon, Richard Imrith, Michael Roznowski, Glenn Gwiazda, Bill Nepton and Jeff Slater. Front row (l to r): Diana Angione, Lauren Pizarro, Sandy Buck, Tricia Kornutik, Scott Guerin, PhD and Declan Cunningham.

InStep—Partners for a Healthier Life: Empowering Patients for Improved Adherence and Self-management

Addressing the problem of non-adherence is critical to improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. InStep is a comprehensive treatment adherence program that employs the principles of motivational interviewing to increase treatment adherence in patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions. This positions Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as a customer-centric leader.


Silver Winner

Vogel Farina, LLC

Executive Creative Director: Lisa DeSordi
Management Supervisor: Beverly Fuchek
Creative Director, Copy: Chuck DeMarco
Creative Director, Art: Tom Browne
Print Production: Jim Saccento
Client: Celgene Corporation


Video_Silver_LogoDisease Awareness, Lung Cancer Journal Ad

Our campaign launched in lung cancer with a unique look that stands out in the category. The blue and red dots represent the lungs and cancer, respectively. The campaign asks a challenging question and signs off with a line that captures the spirit of Celgene as an oncology company: “We ask why.”


Bronze Winner

H4B Chelsea

Managing Director/Chief Creative Officer: Christian Bauman
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Sung Rno
EVP, Director of Client Services: Richard Marshall
VP, Management Supervisor: Channia Holt
SVP, Creative Director: Amadeu Dimas
Art Supervisor: Emily Inn
VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: Jason Pacheco
VP, Group Copy Supervisor: Amy Fortunato
Client: Bristol-Myers Squibb


HIV Unbranded Women’s Campaign

This campaign raised awareness around the specific needs of women considering HIV therapy, taking into account their individual concerns and stage of life. Adopting a gritty, spoken-word approach, this impactful campaign featuring real patients speaks to the inner concerns of women confronting HIV, empowering them to make informed decisions.


Digital Self-Promotion

Gold Winner

Cadient Group

Chief Technology Officer: Bryan Hill
Associate Creative Director/Rich User Experience Lead: Rick Brandl


Elements of Digital

In a changing technological landscape, assessing which tools are best aligned for driving commercial innovation is challenge No. 1. To meet this challenge, Cadient developed, a visual depiction of current digital trends. This campaign has proven to be invaluable in supporting our client’s understanding of technological verticals, while providing lead generation.


Silver Winner


Creative Team: Guy Mastrion, Todd LaRoche, Erin Rossi, Chau Ho, Rafael Holguin, Jon Fisher
Brand Team: Mike Smith, Jeremy Lichtenberger
Editorial: Angela Williams
Production: Peter O’Toole
Copywriter: Neall Currie
Corporate Relations Director: Lori Goodale


The team from left to right: Todd LaRoche, Jeremy Lichtenberger, Neall Currie, Guy Mastrion, Rafael Holguin, Erin Rossi, Chau Ho, Jon Fisher, Lori Goodale and Angela Williams.

The challenge was to market our agency as a place unlike any other, where uncommon thinking and fresh ideas converge to bring life to brand insights that will Never Be Forgotten. leverages the agency’s legacy with its mastery of new media to create a welcoming place for clients and talent.


Bronze Winner


President: Frank Powers
EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Barry Schmader
Associate Art Director: Paul Wesemann
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Michele Mayne
VP, Professional Services: Ellen Schneider


From left to right: Ellen Schneider, Michele Mayne, Frank Powers, Barry Schmader and Paul Wesemann.

Think. Reach. Stick.

In the Dudnyk tradition of high-impact self-promotion, the “Think Reach Stick” digital campaign literally reaches out and grabs attention. The website was intuitively designed for a simple and interactive presentation of our core branding philosophy—dive deep for scientific insights and deliver strategic and creative solutions that stick in the prescriber’s mind.


Print Self-Promotion

Gold Winner


Executive Creative Director: Dorene Weisenstein Ribotsky
Creative Director, Art: Ken Camastro

SelfPromo_Print_Gold-logoBrandkarma Self-Promotion (Journal Ad)

We approached our journal ad just as we do for our clients: Using disruptive creative to immediately get our audience’s attention and quickly communicating that we have the expertise to solve the beastly marketing challenges that are keeping them up at night. It is also a perfect representation of our signature creative “twist,” which is necessary if you want to be king of the jungle.


Silver Winner

Roska Healthcare Advertising

Creative Director: Joe Vitale
Sr. Art Director: Jake Hoisington
Sr. Art Director: Alison Horner
Copywriter: Mike Borde


Left to right: Alison Horner, Jake Hoisington and Joe Vitale.

Metrics Freaks

Roska Healthcare engages people with empowering stories that lead to better healthcare outcomes. We know our work makes a difference because we measure how well we connect with our target audiences every step of the way. Our clients love that our work is not just beautiful, it’s effective, and we have the metrics to prove it.


Bronze Winner

McCann Torre Lazur

EVP, Creative Director: Marcia Goddard
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Joe Brown
Sr. Art Director: Jeanna Sweeney
Associate Copywriter: Steve Busichio
Sr. PrePress Specialist: Allison Williams
Associate Imaging Specialist: Joann Klinkner
VP Director, Design & Imaging: Jonathan Stampf
Sr. Production Supervisor: Mike Ramsey


Left to right: Jeanna Sweeney, Jonathan Stampf, Allison Williams, Joann Klinkner, Joe Brown and Steve Busichio.

McCann Torre Lazur “Helping Hands” Holiday Card

Our objective: Produce an engaging holiday card and raise funds for charities. By using an innovative mix of print and interactive, we harmonized creativity and goodwill in producing our New Year’s card for clients. The hands and fingers represent benevolence and MTL’s relationship with clients.



Gold Winner

Vogel Farina, LLC

Executive Creative Director: Lisa DeSordi
Director of Digital Services: Gene Fitzpatrick
Digital Producer: Bhavini Patel-Dave
Group Account Supervisor: Jennifer Wagner
Group Copy Supervisor: Bruce Flickinger
Senior Art Director: Jonathan Coleman
Copywriter: Laura Going
Client: Novartis Oncology

app-gold-logoMy NET Manager, Patient App

Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) can cause debilitating symptoms that affect patients for years. The My NET Manager mobile app, developed by Vogel Farina for Novartis Oncology, enables patients to conveniently track appointments, tests and symptoms. It’s a meaningful use of technology that gets patients engaged with their care.


Silver Winner


Account Director: Kaelin Teegarden
Creative Director: Annie Barton
Senior Art Director: Anne Vojtik
Senior Copywriter: Jeff Baffico
Assistant Creative Director/Copy: Jonathan Davila
Senior Art Director: Ernie Torres
Account Supervisor: Jenny Beaumont
Client: Abbott


AndroGel Puzzle App

AndroGel 1.62% separated itself from a crowded testosterone marketplace with distinctive branding, showing a typical daily morning routine and how AndroGel 1.62% fits within that routine. The headline speaks to the customized therapy that AndroGel 1.62% offers. Working closely with Intouch Solutions brought this campaign to life on the iPad in a stunning visual and dynamic marketing display.


Bronze Winner


Creative Director: Tristen George
Assistant Creative Director/Art: Leo Kosir
Assistant Creative Director/Copy: Josh Shehab
Senior Copywriter: Larry Koplow
Senior Art Director: Vanessa Ruiz
VP, Account Director: Jeanine Koch
Account Director: Lynnette Hunter
Senior Account Supervisor: Eric Cale
Senior Account Executive: Stacy Gordon
Client: Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.
App: WebMD


Dexilant Acid Burn

Educating patients with heartburn due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) about their treatment options is an important challenge. This ad engages patients with a dramatic simulation of acid literally eroding the mobile device’s screen, ultimately revealing Dexilant as the solution to this burning problem.



Gold Winner


Creative Director: Barry Levine
Creative Director: Noah Lowenthal
VP/Account Director: Eric Densmore
Assistant Creative Director/Art: Joe Pajkos
Senior Copywriter: Amy Blevins
Assistant Creative Director/Copy: Mark Sircar
Account Supervisor: Sophie De Geest
Client: Vertex Pharmaceuticals


Incivek Knight Cycle Animation

Incivek was Vertex’s first commercial launch, and we needed to quickly communicate the essence of the Incivek story—which patients could benefit and how to use the product safely. Incivek set a new commercial record by achieving blockbuster status (more than $1 billion) in less than nine months.


Silver Winner

Vogel Farina, LLC

Executive Creative Director: Lisa DeSordi
Account Supervisor: Ericka Wilhelms-Haas
Group Copy Supervisor: Amy Goodman
Associate Creative Director, Art: Wenlee Fei
Art Director: Jonathan Coleman
Supervising Developer: Joseph Musse
Client: Novartis Oncology


Unmet Needs in ER+ Breast Cancer Animation

To promote its commitment to developing new treatments for post-menopausal women with ER+ breast cancer, Novartis Oncology partnered with Vogel Farina to develop a video for its Products in Development booth at ECCO-ESMO. The resulting animation shows a tangle of barbs transforming into a bird in flight, representing the patient’s ability to break free from the challenges of resistant and refractory disease. The video was used worldwide preceding Novartis’ launch of Afinitor in ER+ breast cancer.


Bronze Winner

McCann Torre Lazur

EVP, Creative Director: Marcia Goddard
Art Supervisor: Lorraine Hinck
Copy Supervisor: Jason Decker
Sr. Account Executive: Erin Ilovichny
Digital Imaging Specialist: Patrick Johnson
Associate Producer: Allison Arnold
VP, Executive Producer: Jennifer Dee
Client: Shionogi


From left to right: Erin Ilovichny, Jason Decker and Lorraine Hinck.

Ulesfia Lotion MOA Animation

The goal of the MOA Animation? To bring the successful Ulesfia Lotion “Leave Lice Breathless” campaign to life! Research revealed physicians loved “seeing it in action,” as do we. This animation is now a focal point within the McCann Torre Lazur product reel, as well as within other applicable forums.


Sales Aid

Gold Winner

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Agency Team:
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Watson
SVP Creative Director: Tina McGill
SVP Creative Director: Michele Moss
VP Associate Creative Director: Brenda Molloy
Group Copy Supervisor: Renee Wentworth
Senior Art Director: Heather Canova
VP Director Imaging: Darren Westley
Imaging: Dan O’Leary
EVP Managing Director: Brian Doherty
VP Account Group Supervisor: Sergio Dente
Client: McNeil Consumer Healthcare

Client Team:
Director Professional Sales and Marketing: Bob Sterling
Senior Brand Manager: John Lally


The Ogilvy CommonHealth team puts on their best face in celebration of the Gold Award for their Zyrtec “Allergy Face” campaign.

Zyrtec “Allergy Face”

The campaign showcases allergy patients with symptoms literally written all over their faces, compelling HCPs to take action. Sales reps had a visually compelling tool that connected patient types to those featured in the sales aid. The impact was immediate; HCPs began to talk about Zyrtec again, and Zyrtec retained the “No. 1 recommended by Allergists” claim, held since 2009.


Silver Winner

The Access Group

Account Services: Seth Gordon, Bob Brower
Government Policy Systems: Scott Guerin, PhD
Market Analytics: Julie Glover
Art: Michael Roznowski, Diana Bartz
Editorial: Howard Wolfson
Studio: Glenn Gwiazda
Project Management: Richard Imrith
Client: AstraZeneca


Back row (left to right): Scott Guerin, PhD, Glenn Gwiazda, Jeff Slater and Diana Bartz. Front row (l to r): Seth Gordon, Jessica Kalbach, Bob Brower, Diana Angione, Richard Imrith, Michael Roznowski and Howard Wolfson.

Nexium Cost and Coverage Platform

Many physicians and office staff have misperceptions regarding the cost and coverage of Nexium. To address these challenges, the Access Group designed the cost and coverage platform theme “the path to Nexium is clear,” along with the supporting message “focus on patients, not paperwork.” This successful campaign correctly positions Nexium as an affordable product with good coverage and co-pay off set tools.


Bronze Winner


Creative Director: Barry Levine
Creative Director: Noah Lowenthal
VP/Account Director: Eric Densmore
Assistant Creative Director/Art: Joe Pajkos
Senior Copywriter: Amy Blevins
Assistant Creative Director/Copy: Mark Sircar
Account Supervisor: Sophie De Geest
Art Director: Sara Ebel
Client: Vertex Pharmaceuticals


Incivek Knight Cycle Sales Aid

Incivek was Vertex’s first commercial launch and we needed to quickly communicate the essence of the Incivek story—which patients could benefit and how to use the product safely. Incivek set a new commercial record by achieving blockbuster status (more than $1 billion) in less than nine months.